Scrum Master Certified® (SMC) Certification
Training Course

This Scrum Master Certified® (SMC) certification training course covers
the Scrum framework for Agile Project Management and will prepare
you to become a Scrum Master Certified®. This is a two-day course
that leads to a range of job prospects in
a variety of industries.

SMC Certification Course Overview

This SMC® certification course is designed to help you gain a better grasp of Scrum methodologies and how to use them. It assists you in becoming a Scrum Master Certified®, a Scrum Alliance title awarded to practitioners who have completed a SMC® course and demonstrated their understanding by passing the exam.


Scrum Master Certified® indicate to companies that they have mastered essential Scrum knowledge and are highly appreciated across industries due to their verifiable skills. SMCs have access to local Scrum Alliance groups, networks, and resources that are only available to Scrum Alliance members.

Skill Covered

  1. Scrum and Agile methodologies
  2. Importance of Agile
  3. Scrum lifecycle
  4. Scrum terminologies
  5. Daily scrum and review
  6. Roles involved in Scrum

SMC Course Curriculum


Scrum team members, Scrum team managers, Scrum teams transitioning to Scrum, and individuals interested in pursuing a career as a professional Scrum Master Certified can all benefit from the SMC Certification.


There are no prerequisites


Classroom Course

  • ✔ Weekend Exam Prep Training Classes
  • ✔ 180 Days Access to High-Quality Self-Paced Learning Content
  • ✔ Sessions by Globally Recognized Industry Experts Trainers
  • ✔ Mentorship from Industry Experts

$999 / USD(73,602)

Live Online Training

  • ✔ 35 Hours of Live Online Training
  • ✔ 24X7 eLearning Access and Support over Email
  • ✔ Certified Trainers
  • ✔ 35 Contact Hours Certificate
  • ✔ 5 Mock Tests
  • ✔ Mentorship from Industry Experts
  • ✔ Course Completion Certificate from EducoreSolutions

$599 / USD(44,131)

Who Should Join SMC Certification Courses

  • Project Managers/ Project Leaders
  • This qualification will be beneficial to any individual trying to develop their management career.
  • Individuals who want to become Scrum Certified but don't have access to high-quality classroom courses
  • Professionals interested in using Scrum in their companies
  • This course is worthwhile for people who like to learn at their own speed, at their own time, and in their own location.
  • Scrum team members, Scrum masters, and product owners

SMC Training Outlines

    1. An Overview of Agile
    2. A comparison of Adaptive Project Management vs Waterfall Project Management
    3. History of Agile and Overview of Agile Product Development Methodologies
    4. SCRUM Overview and SCRUM Methodology Characteristics
    5. Benefits of Using SCRUM
    1. SCRUM roles overview
    2. Roles and Responsibilities of the Product Owner
    3. Roles and Responsibilities of the Scrum Master
    4. Roles and Responsibilities of the Development Team Quiz at the end of the chapter
    1. SCRUM process flow diagram
    2. SCRUM Pre-Project Meeting: Overview, Development of Product Vision
    3. Overview of the Product Backlog, as well as its development
    4. User Stories: Overview, Layout, and Development
    5. Overview and Guidelines for Release Planning
    1. Overview of Sprint Planning Meeting
    2. Objective definition and task estimation
    3. Sprint Backlog: overview, developing the Backlog
    4. Estimation of tasks: planning estimation game
    5. Product Backlog Grooming: overview, need, grooming process
    6. Acceptance Criteria for User Stories
    1. Stand-up Meetings on a Daily Basis: Overview and Attendees
    2. Daily Stand-ups are conducted according to a set of rules.
    3. Description, importance, and benefits of the Sprint Burn Down Chart
    4. Overview, attendance, and regulations for the Sprint Review Meeting
    5. Overview, attendees, and regulations for the Sprint Retrospective Meeting
    1. SCRUM for large projects: problems in implementation
    2. Roles and responsibilities of the Chief Product Owner in major projects
    3. Resistance to change and implementation considerations in the transition to SCRUM
    4. SCRUM roles mapped to traditional roles
    5. SCRUM teams that are dispersed
    6. Maintaining stakeholder participation

FAQs of SMC Training

  • SMC® is a sought-after accreditation for project managers that use agile methodologies. This certification verifies that the individual who holds it has a thorough understanding of Scrum processes and can assist in their implementation in the company where they work.

  • Both the PMP® and the SMC® are project management qualifications, but they are not the same. The Project Management Institute (PMI) administers the PMP® certification, while SCRUMstudy administers the SMC® certification. Both the PMP® and the SMC® are well-known credentials, and the decision to pursue one over the other should be dependent on the needs of the organisation and the kind of projects you will be working on.

  • Despite the fact that agile concepts are broad and apply to a wide range of businesses and circumstances, Scrum's application is a natural fit for the software industry, and it is therefore most commonly used in software development projects.

  • After completing a two-day training session with an SCRUMstudy Authorized Training Partner, you can take the certification exam online from the comfort of your own home using your own laptop or desktop with a microphone and webcam.

  • The SCRUM study website has more information on SMC® certification.

  • PMI and its authorised training providers (ATPs), such as edulearn, offer PMP training. If you want to take a formal PMP course, all you have to do is register on the training provider's website, choose the PMP course, and pay to gain access to the study materials.

    • There are a total of 100 multiple-choice questions in this quiz.
    • There are no penalties for incorrect answers.
    • Duration: 2 hours
    • There will be no breaks in between.
    • Exam that is proctored online
    • Instantaneous Results