Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Certification Training

The premier credential for Lean Six Sigma Quality Management specialists is the
Lean Six Sigma Black Belt certification training. This Lean Six Sigma
Black Belt training verifies your professional skill in
managing difficult projects and knowledge in
executing Six Sigma approaches and
is aligned to the IASSC test.

Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Course Overview

This Lean Six Sigma Black Belt certification course will teach you how to master the concepts of Lean and Six Sigma in combination. This six sigma black belt programme will teach you how to increase customer value while eliminating waste using the Six Sigma stages of Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve, and Control (DMAIC).


Lean management is a worldwide recognised quality management certification that teaches best practises for optimising end-to-end company processes in product development, production, operations, service, and customer interactions, among other areas.

Skill Covered

  1. Application of Lean concepts
  2. Advanced statistical analysis
  3. Manage team dynamics
  4. Work with multiple levels
  5. Project prioritization matrix

Six Sigma Black Belt Course Curriculum


Senior managers, team leaders, software professionals, project managers, quality assurance engineers, and management professionals will benefit from this Black Belt Six Sigma certification course.


To sit for the IASSC Certified Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Exam, no prerequisites are required. Formal Lean Six Sigma training from a qualified Lean Six Sigma teacher or corporate programme is recommended for exam success. It is also advised that participants taking the exam have some real-world experience with Lean Six Sigma.


Classroom Course

  • ✔ Weekend Exam Prep Training Classes
  • ✔ 180 Days Access to High-Quality Self-Paced Learning Content
  • ✔ Sessions by Globally Recognized Industry Experts Trainers
  • ✔ Mentorship from Industry Experts

$999 / USD(73,602)

Live Online Training

  • ✔ 35 Hours of Live Online Training
  • ✔ 24X7 eLearning Access and Support over Email
  • ✔ Certified Trainers
  • ✔ 35 Contact Hours Certificate
  • ✔ 5 Mock Tests
  • ✔ Mentorship from Industry Experts
  • ✔ Course Completion Certificate from EducoreSolutions

$599 / USD(44,131)

Who Should Join Lean Six Sigma® Black Belt Certification Courses

  • The Six Sigma Black Belt Training is open to any graduate or professional with an interest in Six Sigma methodologies.
  • To take the Six Sigma Black Belt Certification Exam, a person must have 3 or more years of experience.
  • Senior Management, Quality Assurance Engineers, Team Leaders, Software Professionals, Practitioners, and Quality Assurance Engineers
  • Training Outlines

      1. The Basics of Six Sigma
      2. The Fundamentals of Six Sigma
      3. Lean Six Sigma Projects
      4. The Lean Enterprise
      1. Process Definition
      2. Six Sigma Statistics
      3. Measurement System Analysis
      4. Process Capability
      1. Classes of Distribution
      2. Inferential Statistics
      3. Hypothesis Testing
      4. Hypothesis Testing with Normal Data
      5. Hypothesis Testing with Non Normal Data
      1. Simple Linear Regression
      2. Multiple Regression Analysis
      3. Designed Experiments
      4. Factorial Experiments

    FAQs of Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Training